About the Show


So What?

What happens when, no matter how hard we try, we can’t meet the unrealistic expectations set for us by others? Internalizing those expectations allows them to become the scale we weigh ourselves against and the mirrors we avoid and these fictions become our truths.

Then we are left alone with our internal talk telling us we are failures, sabotaging our desire to be identified beyond our physical appearance.

How do we REALLY address our own body image?

We’ve grown up with familial and societal messages about being “pretty faces” and “If only’s..” and now we’re left to struggle because we’ve accepted those messages as our identity.


Chew on This

Let’s start to have real conversations about breaking down those messages. Let’s be raw and honest. No subject is taboo. If we don’t talk about it, we can’t change it. And this podcast is all about changing. We are committed to opening up dialog with each other and invited guests to change the narrative of body image. Self-help books be damned. Once you close the book, what’s the next step?


A Side Of Sass

We aren’t doctors or psychologists despite our daily phone calls over-analyzing every little detail of every conversation we’ve ever had (just ask Heidi’s husband). We are life-long eaters and body image strugglers. We’ve walked the walk. Our goal is to bring you a weekly serving of genuine conversation mixed with a dash of humor and a sprinkling of attitude. We want to challenge what we value about ourselves and focus on who we are, not the package we wrap ourselves in and we want to encourage you to do the same.  YOU.  DO.  YOU. 

Your Hosts


Mom, wife, teacher. One hell of a pasta maker. Extrovert. Emotional. Sticks her foot in her mouth.


No longer willing to be held captive by her own body image.


Self-proclaimed Lebanese princess. Logical. Introvert. Removes best friend’s foot from mouth. 


No longer willing to be held captive by her own body image.

“Chew The Fat” artwork created by Greyley Sabin. Like what you see? Contact her at gsabin@mcad.ed