11 – Get Out of My Head: Mind Your Beeswax

Shar and Heidi discuss the importance of choosing food that is right for YOUR body. What works for one body doesn’t necessarily work for another and we all have the prerogative to choose what’s best for us personally. No judgy pants allowed! YOU. DO. YOU. This Weeks Sponsors:

10 – Fashion Puh-Leeze: The Fallacies of Fashion

In this episode, Heidi and Shar talk about the “fashion no-no’s” that we put on ourselves and the importance of breaking out of that thought pattern so we feel good about our bodies and the way we dress them. Regardless of any size or shape, embrace your body and dress in a way that makes you feel good! YOU. DO. YOU. This Weeks Sponsor:

9 – Real Men Come From Real Women: Raising Boys

Shar and Heidi discuss the difficulties boys face with body image and the pressure they can feel to appear  masculine or strong. They also talk about the things people feel free to say about male bodies and the damage that can do to both boys and men. After the break they are joined by Heidi’s husband, Jason Gonzalez, as he shares his own views on male body image. This Weeks Sponsors: Bergs Plumbing and Heating – 651-451-2950