6 – I’m Sorry I Can’t: Limiting Ourselves

This week Heidi and Shar talk about how they can sometimes limit themselves and why it’s important to step out of your comfort zone. They are also joined by owner of Real Life Coffee & Yoga, Gabi Hruska, and how she learned to overcome her own limitations. Sponsored By:

5 – Why You Gotta Be So Rude?

Shar and Heidi discuss the misconceptions that people have about being overweight and the difficulty they face fitting in. They share their own stories of comments (some well-intentioned and some mean-spirited) that have left lasting impressions. They end with a determination to no longer be defined by anyone else’s standards. YOU. DO. YOU. Sponsored By:

4 – Like Mother Like Daughter: Raising Girls

Heidi and Shar talk about the pressures parents face in raising girls with a healthy body image. They talk about navigating social media and hear from two moms who weigh in on raising their own daughters. YOU. DO. YOU. Sponsored By:

3 – Control Freaks: Battling Perfectionism

In the third episode, Shar and Heidi talk about perfectionism being born out of a controlled upbringing. They discuss how the pressure of perfectionism feels like a house of cards and if one card falls, the whole house comes down. This creates unrealistic expectations in many areas of life, including food. After the break, guest speaker Eric (Heidi’s brother) shares his experiences being raised with a controlling stepfather. YOU. DO. YOU. Sponsored By:

2 – Family Puts the FUN in Dysfunctional

In the second episode, Heidi and Shar talk about the roles mothers play in their daughters’ body image. Many aspects of who we are get passed down from generation to generation. Criticism is no different. If we are seen through a critical eye, we can find ourselves viewing others in the same way. Guest speaker Marilyn (Shar’s mom) talks about the pressures she faced growing up and how that affected the way she raised Shar. YOU. DO. YOU. Sponsored by:

1 – Eat the D@#n Cupcake!

For the first episode, Shar and Heidi talk about their own struggles with body image and the impact it has had from a young age.