What People Are Saying

"So many good talking points, it was very open and honest and perfect in every way. I really enjoyed it!"

Andrea E., Chanhassen, MN

"Your courage is inspiring!"

Carissa O., St. Paul, MN

"These ladies tell it like it is in a raw, honest and funny way."

Andi M., North St. Paul, MN

"This is a remarkable new podcast. I love it and predict it will be one of the best new podcasts of the year and will win awards."

Mary S., Buffalo, MN

"You two are courageous and make the listener feel like we are sitting there with a cup of coffee enjoying a conversation with a couple of good friends."

Cathe C., Lakeland, MN

"Keep talking, I’ve felt similar in many of these situations. Thanks for sharing so others can heal and others understand better."

Kim G., Kronenwetter, WI